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Marshall, VA, Oct. 16th, 2014: Founded in 2002 by President and CEO Mike Conwell, 3rd Wave Consulting Services Inc. (www.3rdwavebiz.com) is a leadership and executive consulting company, specializing in Executive and Operation Management. In addition to their proven methodologies, 3rd Wave has a wide variety of tools to help stream line businesses, such as the Balance Score Card, Business Process Reengineering, Six Sigma, etc. These approaches are designed to help increase the bottom line and stake holders’ wealth while running the business more efficiently and cutting costs.

The company’s skillset puts 3rd Wave in association with a variety of call centers. Over the years, it was expressed that certain segment of the population simply chat rather than conduct the business nature of the call. With that being a chief complaint, 3rd Wave conducted preliminary marketing studies and deduced that there is a particular niche that is not being filled directed at the elderly, widowed and handicapped community and their need for companionship conversation. Thus, Companion Calls was created (www.companion-calls.com)

With the implementation of Companion Calls, it is 3rd Wave’s intent to offer members of the population an outlet in which to obtain unbiased and personal connection through what the company refers to as, ‘A pen-pal that you can talk to.’ These Companions, are not counselors nor does the company advocate for the execution of any advice given, but simply offers the caller a person, with whom they may speak freely, create a relationship and receive personal feedback.

Customers have the option to call, connect via the website or an app. The different avenues in which customers connect with their preferred Companion are outlined on the website and app, as well as rate information. Here, one may also see the profiles and availability Companions. With these options consumer will find a method best suited for them and have the needed information to put them most at ease for their call.

It is 3rd Wave’s hope that with the introduction of Companion Calls, they can offer a much needed service to this segment of the population, which are often overlooked. It is such a simple request, to merely need someone to speak with. 3rd Wave, through the creation of Companion Calls, will offer them this respect through the friendship of a receptive ear provided by their services.

For more information, visit Companion Calls at www.companion-calls.com. Connect with them on twitter @CompanionCalls, email mkt@3rdwavebiz.com or call 877-743-8372.

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3rd Wave Consulting Announces Return to Executive Consulting


VA, July 14, 2009:  After building a solid reputation in technology consulting, 3rd Wave Consulting Services, LLC has announced a return to the field of services in which it first began – executive, leadership, and management consulting.

“We won’t be leaving technology consulting altogether,” said 3rd Wave’s President Michael Conwell. “It’s still one of our offerings, however, the majority of 3rd Wave’s energy and resources will be focused on executive and leadership consulting.”

3rd Wave’s consultancies include: executive and operation management, executive and management consulting, Six Sigma, Balance Score Card, project management rescue, business process reengineering (BPR), knowledge management, and program management.

Conwell also stated, “I’m excited about the renewed focus because it really takes full advantage of the skills set and experience that 3rd Wave has to offer.”

3rd Wave’s consultants encompass a breadth of knowledge and experience. Professional qualifications include MBAs, PMP (Project Management Professional) credentials, and Six Sigma Black Belt Certified professionals.

Contact: Michael Conwell, President
3rd Wave Consulting Services, LLC
PO Box 224, Orlean, VA 20128
Phone: 800-554-9837

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